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Are you in need of expert boiler repair in London? Whether your boiler has suddenly stopped working or is showing signs of wear, our team at Gas Boiler & Heating Repair Ltd is equipped to handle all sorts of boiler problems and repairs, including emergency boiler repair services.

From no hot water or heating, leaking pipes, and strange noises, to ignition failures and thermostat issues, we start with a precise diagnosis using advanced technology to ensure efficient problem-solving without unnecessary costs.

An experienced and skilled Gas Safe registered engineer will find the best solution tailored to your specific needs, all provided at a transparent, fixed price. Contact us today to restore your boiler’s functionality and comfort to your home.

Professional Boiler Breakdown Repairs in London

People tend to take their boiler and heating systems for granted until the moment there is some sort of malfunction. This is not only an inconvenience but also a costly occurrence; not to mention the stress and anxiety that come with it. Addressing boiler breaks promptly is crucial to avoid further inconvenience, especially during the cold winter months when you rely on your heating the most.

Before you panic, let us tell you that our family-run business may be able to help. We offer competitive prices for boiler repair in London and communicate upfront so you know what you are settling for.

So, if you are faced with an issue that is out of your expertise, give us a call and book an electric or gas boiler repair service. We will take care of the rest. You don’t have to look for parts or worry about other aspects of the job.

We also provide annual and one-off boiler service in London as well as annual boiler servicing.

24 Hour Same Day Emergency Boiler Repair Service London

Gas Heater Repairing Performed in London

What You Get from our London Boiler Repairs

  • Service Guarantee
  • Excellent service at short notice
  • Diagnostic and fault finding solutions in London
  • Fixed price quote
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast response, 24/7 services in London
  • Experienced, fully insured and Gas Safe (previously Corgi) registered professionals
  • Kind staff
  • Extended protection plan and gas safety check

Most Common Boiler Problems We Handle in London

At Gas Boiler & Heating Repair Ltd, we address a wide array of boiler problems, breakdowns, and issues every day. Below are some of the most common problems our clients in London frequently encounter, which our expert team handles routinely:

  1. Boiler Issues:
    1. No Hot Water in the Property
    2. Boiler Ignition Problems
    3. Damaged Printed Circuit Boards
    4. Water Leaks from Pipework
  2. Thermostatic Controls Problems:
    1. Errors in the Thermostatic Controls
  3. Water Pressure:
    1. Frequent Loss of Boiler Pressure (also relates to “Low Pressure”)
    2. Water Leaks from Pipework (can impact pressure)
  4. Unexpected Breakdown:
    1. Boiler Ignition Problems (can lead to unexpected shutdown)
    2. Blocked Condensate Pipe (can cause boiler to unexpectedly shut down)
  5. Low Pressure:
    1. Frequent Loss of Boiler Pressure
  6. Programmers Errors:
    1. Faulty Timers and Programmers
  7. Burners Banging Noises:
    1. Banging Noises (Kettling Effect)
  8. Pilot Light:
    1. Boiler Ignition Problems (related to issues with pilot light functionality)
  9. Boiler Pressure Broken Pumps:
    1. Frequent Loss of Boiler Pressure (relates to issues caused by broken pumps)

Our Service Guarantee and Accreditations

Gas Safe Registered Boiler Engineer London

Our family business comprises certified gas engineers that know what they are doing. Your new hot water system and boiler installation will be in skilled hands from start to finish. If you need a replacement boiler, we can take care of that as well.

In addition to the manufacturer warranty, we offer an extended protection plan on any of our services like repairs, pipework and others which comes with a 3-12 month guarantee depending on certain factors. For more information, give us a call.

young gas engineer adjusting central heating system in london

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For any boiler repair services and emergency boiler break downs. We're located at 49 Pendragon Rd, Bromley BR1 5JZ but we service all of South London.

Types and Boiler Brands We Work With

Throughout the years, we have worked with different hot water systems and boiler brands, both electric and gas as well as combi boilers. We continue to upgrade our know-how as newer technologies emerge on the market.

Here are some of the most common types and brands of boilers and appliances our Gas Safe registered engineers are familiar with and provide repairs and servicing for. Keep in mind this isn’t an extensive list and we can repair other brands as well.

  • Worcester Bosch
  • Vaillant Boilers
  • Ideal
  • Baxi
  • Glow-worm
  • Potterton
  • Keston
  • Ariston
  • Main
  • Ferroli
  • Vokera
  • Biasi
  • Alpha
  • Ravenheat
  • Viessmann

Our Boiler Repair South London Service Area

Our boiler repair is available across all of South London and nearby regions, including but not limited to:

If you live in a different area, like East London, South East London or in the Greater London area, and you are not sure whether we provide our services there, be sure to submit your request to us via email, our contact form or phone. Our polite personnel will give you more details.

Common Boiler Repair Faults

Our fully qualified engineers have tackled a host of gas repairs and boiler repairs in the past. Here are the most common boiler faults they have successfully addressed in London.

If your boiler makes banging noises, it means it’s working harder than usual in order to heat the water. The reason is simple. Water, especially hard water, contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that can solidify into limescale.

When limescale builds up, it creates a coating on the pipes that can sometimes obstruct the water flow. This makes a new boiler work extra hard, hence the noises. Our gas and heating engineers are well acquainted with this issue and know how to handle it.

Sometimes boilers can leak from different places and the reasons vary. It could be due to a corroded heat exchanger, loose joints, corroded pipes, loose joints, etc. Before the problem is addressed, the technician needs to identify the cause and trace back the dripping to its source.

The thermostat of your boiler system is a crucial part of the machine that helps to maintain the temperature to the desired setpoint. If it’s not working properly, you will find that the water isn’t as hot as you need it or that the heating around your home is turning on and off randomly. When the thermostat is malfunctioning, the first step is to check whether the correct settings are in place. If it turns out to be a different issue, the thermostat might have to be replaced.


Another common problem is the boiler’s inability to heat the water. There are many issues that can lead to this issue such as a faulty valve, blocked heat exchanger, or a faulty pilot light. If you are faced with such an issue, you should let our gas safe registered engineers inspect the area and detect the cause.

The circulation of water in the boiler works thanks to high pressure. When there is low water pressure within the system, it doesn’t function well. There may be a leak or something else might be going on. No matter the type of central heating repairs you need, we are here for you, equipped with the best tools and ready to restore hot water flow in an efficient manner.

Newer models typically use condensate pipes to eliminate waste gas. During the winter season, as outdoor temperatures drop, it increases the risk of your condensate pipe freezing. Modern devices will display this error on the interface. If this is the case, the pipe will have to be warmed up and defrosted.

This is usually an issue with older models that need a pilot light to ignite. If the light keeps turning off, it may be that the thermocouple is faulty. All things considered, you should check with a qualified specialist.

If the system won’t ignite, it could be an electrical issue you are dealing with. Make sure your boiler system is connected properly. You also want to check out other appliances around the home. If they don’t power on either, you should get an electrician to inspect the issue further and provide any electrical work as necessary.

If some of your radiators suddenly stop getting as hot as they should, this is an issue. Can you feel cold patches as you run your hand through the surface? Or is the radiator cold at the bottom? This means the heat is not evenly distributed as a result of sludge build-up or too much air within the devices.

FAQ on Emergency Boiler Breakdown and Repair

We strive to be as fast as we can. In most cases, our gas and heating engineers will do their best to visit you on the same day of your call, given that you are in an emergency.

It’s hard to tell as every job is unique. On average, the diagnostic will take between 20 and 45 minutes. Large-scale repairs may need more time to complete.

If you want to know how much your faulty boiler repair will cost, you need to get in touch with us and ask for a quote. The more details you provide, the more accurate the estimate will be. We do not have any hidden fees to worry about as we offer transparent pricing.

Of course. We can repair different boiler types regardless of their age and we always work hard to deliver a class service. However, you should keep in mind that we may not be able to find parts for certain appliances if they are 10+ years old. This depends on the heating suppliers and manufacturers themselves.

Most new boilers function well for 10-15 years as long as they are taken care of. If you have your boiler serviced on a yearly basis, this can help extend its lifespan.

If the season isn’t unusually colder than what you are used to getting and if the electric rates in your area have not been raised but you are still getting high electric bills, there may be a problem with the entire system. Further investigation is needed to detect a malfunctioning part.

If your radiators have cold spots, they will take longer to heat up. They may need cleaning on the inside, in which case a power flush will be most beneficial.

Looking for More Information on Gas and Heating Services?

If you can’t find the information you came for, get in touch with us today and ask away. You can request a visit from our gas and heating engineers in London right away. If you have other issues around the house, don’t forget that we also offer central heating services, boiler installations, emergency plumbing, drains and blockages service, gas safety checks and inspections.

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